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Tiffany, you did an amazing job. Your thoughtful and thorough work made all the difference in the world. I posted 10 resumes on job-search sites and received 15 responses, was invited to 8 interviews, and received 3 job offers and ultimately accepted a CFO position within my targeted industry. The resulting resume and LinkedIn profile were the key to elevating my public presence. I can’t thank you enough for your diligence and dedication to doing outstanding work. I’d definitely recommend your services to anyone interested – and everyone should be interested.

CFO, Energy Industry

I probably sent my resume out to approx 60-70 different companies and recruiters on LinkedIn who reached out to me. I got around 15-20 interviews. I got 2 job offers (and was in talks with 2 others). I accepted an SVP of eCommerce role. I can’t tell you the universal positive comments I got on my resume. A lot of “this is one of the better ones we’ve seen” and “you have an amazing background” and “I love your resume”

SVP, eCommerce, Food and Beverage Industry

I would like to state that I loved your work...stylish, concise but at the same time filled with information. Please let me know if you ever need a recommendation.

Financial Services Executive

Incredible work...you are very talented and I am lucky to have crossed paths with you. I am attaching the three files back with my changes highlighted in yellow. My edits were only tiny things and missing data….Masterful work.

CEO/President, Aviation Industry

I have great news! I was offered the job! I'm so excited and happy. I truly have you to thank: your help redesigning and writing my resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter really did distinguish me from other candidates and put me in the forefront. The offer I received exceeded my expectation - and I am deeply thankful for your help.

Executive Assistant, Education Industry

After going through the resume you sent me, first, please allow me to commend this effort, it certainly hit the point precisely. It reflects what the current industry is looking for and is simple and conclusive. I must say, it did exceed my expectations! Outstanding job! Keep it up!.

Global Operations Executive

Ok, so, first of all.....WOW. This is amazing - thank you…I absolutely love it - you did an amazing job and far exceeded my expectations.

General Counsel & COO, Financial Services Industry

First of all many thanks for the great work. I feel very good about what I have read and most importantly I identify myself in the content.

Finance & Investment Executive

Very nice work. Looking it from another angle (yours) is indeed a very valuable exercise. Your are good listener and captured a lot in a few pages only.

Senior Supply Chain Executive, FMCG Industry

I am very happy to be in my new job … I’m learning a lot and am confident of the opportunities I will have here … You did such excellent work and I have recommended you to so many people. I’m so grateful to have you as a lifelong connection!

Marketing Analyst, Insurance Industry

Linked in is updated now. I made only minor content adjustments. Perfectly done by you! Thank you very much!...By the way I spoke with a good friend and showed her your good work on my Resume, LinkedIn etc. I shared with her my satisfaction and she would be very much interested in asking for your service, too.

Product Manager, Apparel Industry

You did a great job showcasing my career and qualifications in an innovative way!...Thanks again for making it a very attractive and easy to read document.

CEO, Industrial Manufacturing Industry

This is tremendous, thanks. What a difference. I've attached a revised copy with my redlines which are relatively minor.

Chief Digital Officer, Consumer Goods Industry

That is a good looking resume. I was almost convinced to hire myself. I can see why you are good at your job.

CEO/President, FinTech Industry

Once again, you've sent outstanding work. The revised resume and LinkedIn profile are wonderful. I've suggested minor edits for your consideration, but am quite happy with your work even without the minor changes. Please use your judgement on what changes are best to accept before finalizing. Thank you!!

Corporate Communications Executive

I've gone very carefully through both the resume and LinkedIn profile you wrote and the first thing I have to say…. (I'm sorry, this is very spanish)…is WOW. I must recognize that the level of expectations I had put on the outcome of this exercise was very high, since you know how important these documents are for me to move on to the next professional challenge. The deliverables that you've shared with me really fullfil to a very large extent what I was looking for, and the documents reflect very clearly my professional background. Thanks again.

CEO, Retail Industry

First, thanks and congratulations for your work. We spoke around 2.5 hours on the phone, but you have been able to catch all the important notes.

Senior HR Executive, Luxury Goods Industry

First of all, let me thank you very much for your help in drafting a high-impact resume.…As I wrote to you in one of my previous emails, the way you managed to focus on and highlight my achievements was impressive. Regardless of where the work you did will lead me to in my career, I want to thank you for the fact that writing this resume involved a profound thinking about myself and a good deal of self-awareness which will surely help me in my personal life.I hope I will have a chance to work with you again.

CEO/Board Member, Professional Services Industry

Indeed Tiffany, I had already two European executive searcher who found my resume very well set up and easy to catch the main strengths and achievements. Especially the fact that we have added the achievements they liked this. As you told me already in the beginning.

Senior Executive, Agribusiness Industry

Quiero destacar el buen trabajo que has realizado con mi Curriculum y en mi perfil de Linkedin.

Supply Chain Director, Food Manufacturing Industry

Both the resume and the LinkedIn profile look great! Thank you!

Country Manager, Commodities Trading Industry

Thank you so very much for an meaningful and well thought through re-work of my resume. Thank you Tiffany for the excellent resume.

CFO, Financial Services Industry

Thank you very much for a clear and structured resume! I like very much how lot of information can be screened easily with the bold headers and small snapshots. In the end I did not make so many changes…Thanks again, looks very nice, good work!

Business Development Executive, IT Services Industry

Your work is of incredibly high quality and so reflective of our discussions. Thanks

Entrepreneur & Independent Board Member, Technology Industry

I have reviewed the documents that you sent me. I think you did a great job, congratulations!

Vice President, Hospitality Industry

Great thank for this. I just took a quick look on the docs received. All of them look amazing. I will return asap in case any minor change. Thank you so much for your help on this.

Finance Executive, Pharmaceutical Industry

Thanks a lot for the resume. It is much stronger than what I have made. Very good…..Thanks for the revised version. I love it. I have put it online!

Business Development Executive, Energy Industry

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