Services for Spanish-Speaking Executives

Are you a Spanish-speaking executive looking to relocate to Europe, Asia, the United States or elsewhere?

Are you hoping to position yourself as a bilingual executive to secure a position in a multinational organization?

Are you unsure how to translate the Spanish version of your executive resume for the English-speaking market?

Executive resume expectations can vary widely from one country to another, so you may not get much mileage out of merely translating your executive resume.

Tiffany Hardy, Certified Executive Resume Master and Founder of Top1Resumes is fully bilingual (after nearly 20 years living and working in Spain) and can work with you to create your new executive resume, LinkedIn profile or other career documents in English, even if your original resume/CV is in Spanish. In addition to holding the Certified Executive Resume Master(CERM), Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW), Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), and Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC) credentials, she also holds a Certificate in Spanish-to-English Translation from New York University and provided translation services to some of Spain’s top multinationals.

Our process includes a questionnaire and a 2-hour one-to-one consultation. You can choose to fill in the questionnaire and have the consultation in Spanish, if it is easier for you to communicate in your native language.

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