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If you are open to new executive opportunities and have simply copied and pasted the contents of your resume onto your LinkedIn profile—or worse—left it with the bare-bone information of job titles and company names, you are missing an important opportunity to engage with your target audience and build your network through powerful content.

Don’t underestimate the power of a keyword-rich LinkedIn profile that is inviting to read and encourages connection to build your online presence and support your search efforts—even if you are engaged in a highly confidential search.

Tiffany Hardy creates LinkedIn profiles that not only highlight your accomplishments, your strengths, and your unique value, but that also show the person behind the roles and achievements.

Your LinkedIn profile should not be a copy of your executive resume. An executive resume presents information formally, but LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to shine as an individual, to showcase your personality, passions, and leadership philosophy and to convince employers that you are the right cultural fit.

Your LinkedIn profile, to be effective, also needs to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and contain powerful keywords. This will boost your ratings in LinkedIn searches to get you noticed by executive recruiters and key decision makers.

Your LinkedIn profile writing service will include:

A headline that will get profile views

Your headline will be strategically written with personal branding techniques to get you noticed with the right keywords for the right job fit.

A powerful summary section

This snapshot of who you are as an executive will position you for the role you seek and communicate your unique leadership value and your personality.

An accomplishment-rich experience section

Your executive job descriptions will be written differently from your executive resume (using a less formal, storytelling-style approach that works well on social media).

A list of recommended skills

The selected skills to add to your profile’s skills section will be relevant to your career objective and will make you more likely to be found in searches.

Your content will be delivered in a Word file, which also contains useful information on how to update and make the most of your LinkedIn profile. You do not need to give access to your private online profile.

As with all of the executive career writing services provided by Tiffany Hardy of Top1Resumes, you will have the opportunity to request changes before the project is considered completed.

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