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Multi-Award-Winning Executive Resume Writer & Career Strategist

I get to "Wow!"

I’m Tiffany Hardy, a 12X-TORI-award winning resume writer and executive career strategist who has created tailored, compelling career-marketing documents for upwardly mobile and discriminating high-six-figure executives from more than 25 countries.

My favorite moment as an executive resume writer?

Opening my email after my clients have reviewed their documents and reading that three-letter word that makes my day: "Wow!"

I love it when even published thought leaders and the most articulate upper-echelon executives tell me, “This is incredible. I couldn’t have done this myself. You’ve exceeded my expectations.”

But what I love even more is calling my clients several months later to learn that—with my help—they landed their dream job and are already executing their 90-day plan.

My game-winning formula for getting to "Wow!"

My exclusive dedication to each one of my projects—taking the time necessary to do it right—and my bone-deep commitment to making your unique value shine. This is backed by a strong global business background, exceptional writing skills, extensive knowledge of resume strategy, and a talent for creating customized, modern, industry-appropriate resume designs.

My ideal clients?

Those whose backgrounds are a mosaic of diverse elements—an intricate web of initiatives launched, challenges overcome, and multifaceted skill sets gained. I don’t work with cookie-cutter executives and I don’t create cookie-cutter resumes. My ideal client needs a resume writer who can navigate through the complexity of their background and condense 20+ years of unstinting effort and heavy lifting into a crystal-clear message and personal brand. That’s what I do best.

My special sauce?

Knowing the right questions to ask to get an insider’s vocabulary and the information that really matters to a hiring decision maker. I use a combined approach of questionnaire and in-depth, tailored personal interview. It is not uncommon for me to spend more than two hours with each client, not only to fully understand their background but to get a strong sense of how they express themselves and then inject their “voice” and industry jargon into the writing.

Why me?

Unlike many resume writers, I’m not in this to turn out as many projects as I possibly can in a month. My innate curiosity for deeply understanding your professional passions, your industry’s challenges, your incredible career feats, and what makes you tick would never allow that. Nor would my passion for deliberately and meticulously creating powerful messaging. I don’t offer rush services and am typically booked out 4+ weeks in advance because I am uncompromising in my commitment to giving each client the undivided attention they deserve.

Many resume writers only speak the language of words. The fact that I work exclusively with executives spanning the globe, and given my earlier experience collaborating with Global Fortune 500 enterprises, means I speak the language of global business.

As a former Director of Operations for a corporate training enterprise, I’m an executive peer and experienced team builder. I know firsthand that a high-impact and convincing resume must instantly communicate fit and ROI value … and I know just how to do it to get to “Wow!”

I bring a cross-cultural perspective to my work. I was born, raised, and am currently based out of Arizona. But I spent nearly two decades living and working in Europe where I gained an international mindset (I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and Spain). I love working with clients spanning the globe who either have diverse international backgrounds themselves, or have been drivers or supporters of international expansion. I know just how to make that high-demand global exposure shine on a resume!

We would be a great fit if …

you are exceptional at what you do, but feel lost when it comes to creating career documents that will get you noticed.

you are an executive who knows that to propel your upward career path into higher orbit, you need marketing tools that do justice to your extraordinary background.

you’re only willing to trust an industry-recognized career-writing expert who is dedicated exclusively to you and who won’t juggle the documents your very future depends on with a half-dozen other projects and deadlines.

you insist on “Wow!” for your career portfolio and nothing less will do.

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